Woolworths Catalogue Nivea Sale 22 – 28 Jan 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Nivea Sale 22 - 28 Jan 2020Use the latest catalogue to shop for some consumables of daily personal care. Woolworths Catalogue Nivea sale offers half-price deals only. A single page is completely full of Nivea products including deodorant, antiperspirant, Head & Shoulder, roll-on, and more deals are waiting for you on pg 32. Multi-vitamin pills are available on this catalogue. People take supplements in case they don’t get enough vitamins from their regular diets. Visit pg 33 for the wellbeing section of the latest catalog. Also, save with the 40% off toothbrushes deal. More is on the way, too. On Monday, there will be new deals with Woolies.
Shop body care products including hair colours at Woolworths for the prices you can find on pg 34. OGX Shampoo or conditioner of 385mL will cost $10 only. That’s one of the half prices, too. Household supplies and pet products are also on this Woolworths Catalogue:

Woolworths Catalogue Nivea Sale 22 – 28 Jan:

Shop women’s or men’s Cenovis tables on pg 33. I also use multi-vitamin tablets. But I do some workout and that consumes a part of the essentials needed by the body. So, I use them just in case.

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