Woolworths Catalogue Non-Food Deals 22 – 28 May 2019

Take a look at the latest Woolworths Catalogue for smartphones on pg 27. Buy gift cards for 20% cheaper price. Woolworths has a spectacular sale of smartphones on pg 27. Buy a decent smartphone for a price that is better than half-price. Telstra Alcatel will cost only $24 (save $45). More phones are available on the same page. Woolworths also has earphones, batteries, and more on sale. Shop home products such as small accessories, baby care products, and multi-vitamin capsules are available in the non-food part.
Get your things organized and keep them clean with cleaning supplies. Scholl gel activ men’s or women’s insoles are pretty popular among those who work standing during the day. Pay only $19 and save $8.97 for that product. It’s vitally important to have a comfortable surface under your soles otherwise it will become a serious ache after a long day.

Health care, cosmetics, shampoo, and more are browsable on pg 30-31. Colgate’s zigzag toothbrush and advanced fresh toothpaste are $5 ea. Get your shaving blades from the best brand. Gillette fusion blades are on sale. Pay $28 for 8 blades. And save $7.50 at Woolworths tomorrow!

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