Woolworths Catalogue Olympic Deals 28 Feb – 6 Mar 2018

Woolworths Catalogue salutes Olympic Games that took place in PyeongChange, S. Korea. Woolies offers new deals on groceries and household products which cover awesome deals on various categories. Breakfast food, fresh products, snacks, beverage, early Easter sales and pantry products will be included in the range.

The catalogue covers dairy products like Devandale milk which will be only $2 saving your $.85. ½ price deals are also valid starting on Wednesday. Gluten Free products like weet-bix, up & go, rice wheels, vege deli crisps, clusters will be on sale. Find ½ price deals for some products on that page. You can buy macro Organic corn chips for only $2.50.

Woolworths sells John West salmon tempters of 95g cans for only $1.15 which is the half price. Lenten seafood is another sale by Woolies. Extended with more low price always deals and new products. Aussie Tiger Prawns, Tassie salmon, snapper, shrimp and more. Get six different John West products for lowered prices. King Oscar sardines will cost $2 for 105g pack.

“Prices Dropped” for the deli-meat range. Salami, sausage, chicken, packaged pizza and more items are on the pg 24-25. Picasso kitchen pizza varieties will be $4.50 at Woolworths. You can get Australian lamb leg roast for only $9/kg.

Shop Hot Cross buns, Jumbo bread rolls, Peanut butter and choc chip cookies, Hot Dog Buns, Pane Di Case and many more products.

½ prices for popular candies:

Easter, Pantry, Breakfast and More…

Coca-Cola products will be on sale at Woolworths this week. Sprite and Zero 10x375mL packs will cost at given prices on pg 8. Mini cans, sugarless coke and more items are there. Find your favourite chips like Red Rock deli chips. It’ll cost only $3.50 for 135-165g of chips. Mount Franklin still water 0f 6x500mL is a good idea for camping or travels by your car. Pay only $3.20 for that pack. Early Easter sale is available at Woolworths Catalogue preview this week.

Find breakfast snacks including Arnott’s Scotch finger, belVita biscuits, Calbee Harvest snaps, and chocolate bars. The new product by belVita; soft bakes. 200g of soft bakes of belVita will cost $2.25 this week.

Access a wide range of pantry products and morning routine food. Coffee packs, capsules and sauces, packaged meals were included in that product range. “Prices Dropped” deals for Mother Earth oaty slice, Kelloggs Just Right, Maggi Stir Fry creations, macro Apple cider vinegar. These are viewable on pg 12-13. Check that list to see ½ prices from this sale.

Deals on dairy products; yoghurt variety which is the major part of it. Woolworths contains a lot of different yoghurt types. Greek yoghurt, flavoured ones, and more from different brands like Farmers Union, Vaalia, Liddells. Check out these ½ price deals from the frozen and healthy food sale:

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