Woolworths Catalogue Pantry Deals 5 – 11 Dec 2018

Woolworths Catalogue has one of the best pantry and grocery sales that were published this week. You can find packaged and quick meals on pg 16-17. A lot of half prices are available on these two pages. Besides everything is on sale one way or another. Also, price drops on Ingham’s frozen chicken breast tenders and Streets Blue ribbon of the 2L tub are on this part of the catalogue. Christmas event in supermarkets has nothing but good for all customers. “Half-Price” deals will handle the business of lowering the expenses of the week. Weiss products are on sale. You will not need to cook something today while there are so good prices on such simple meals. Browse the turkey breast, frozen turkey, smoked cheese and more that can be delicious party food that everybody enjoys when gathering.

Greek yoghurt, YoPro, Activa and more high-quality dairy products are classic items of fridge part of all Woolworths Catalogues. You can find dozens of them at lower prices this week. Go to pg 22-23 for snacks and soft drinks. Christmas candies are a part of the catalogue, too. Mars, M&M’s, Cadbury, Toblerone are just few of the favourite brands of candies and chocolates for Christmas. Holiday products and festive food are two important subjects of the recent weeks as Christmas is coming. There is little time left. Also, pantry category with recipes can give you a real deal that will be profitable.

½ prices only:

Coffee and tea:

Christmas Candies and more:

Snacks and drinks: