Woolworths Catalogue Personal Care 10 – 16 January 2018

Woolworths Catalogue Personal Care 10 - 16 January 2018It’s a quite surprising low price range from Woolies. Baby products, dental care, feet care, hair products and bathroom consumables are available on pg 24-25. Whatever you pick from this shelf of the store, it has a good price. No matter what you shop for that’ll be cheaper. I happen to be one of the Woolworths lovers. I believe you can always make it better. If an opportunity comes in your way in terms of deals and low prices, always take it. 1 month ago, there were many catalogues like these. As far as Woolworths is concerned, these products will only get better.

The incline in price drops can be tracked down with the catalogues. They usually include the discount products in the content of these catalogues. Usually, a good catalogue will offer you the best only prices. It’s not a mystical thing. Here you are able to browse for all these items.

What else could possibly the case? Well, there could be a better day like Valentine’s day, Easter or toy sale. When the time comes, there would be better prices for these products.

1/2 prices:

Event Cinemas $50 gift card will be at Woolies. Find vitamin and mineral pills on pg 26. Imagine these will get better at low prices. Don’t miss out these catalogues.

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