Woolworths Catalogue Personal Care Deals 27 Dec – 1 Jan

Restock personal care needs at Woolworths Catalogue at half prices. Visit pg 22-23 to see the majority of the ½ price deals on sunscreens, deodorants, razors, shower creams, hair products, moisturisers, and more. Health products are also on sale. Swisse Magnesium of pk 120 is only $21 which is $14.50 cheaper than regular price. Baby mum mum rice rusks will cost $2.50 for 36g of the pack. Huggies DryNites pk 9-11 is also an important deal. Woolworths has a mobile deal section on pg 21. Find gift cards of App Store and iTunes for a price that is 15% lower. Spotify, Xbox Live Gold, and more gift cards are also on sale. Pay 10% lower for those gift cards. See more half prices on storage, pet food, and smartphones there.

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