Woolworths Catalogue Red Hot Specials 01 July – 07 July 2015

Go to the new preview of Woolworths Catalogue Red Hot Specials 01 July – 07 July 2015.Woolworths Catalogue Red Hot Specials 01 July - 07 July 2015 See new half prices on Woolworths Catalogue that are selected from top quality products. List of the Woolworths Catalogue Red Hot Specials 01 July might be found on this post.
Woolworths Catalogue offers new snacks, chocolates and some beverage on pg; 2-3.


From 01 July, WED you can shop for these products appearing on the pages of the Woolworths Catalogue. You can also see the new half prices.

Schweppes lemonade packs, and Pepsi Max pack on pg; 2.
Some snacks, chocolates with half prices of the Red Hot specials of Woolworths on pg; 2-3.
Bakery products like Crusty Ciabatta loaf 450g $2 Cobb Bread 520 g, $2 pg; 4.

The products below are sale on pg; 4-5 with half prices:

Cinnamon donuts pk 12 $2 pg; 4
Tip Top breakfast toast wholemeal with fruit $2.60
Dynamo laundry liquid 2 L $8 pg; 5
BabyLove nappy pants bulk $8
Radox body wash $1.99

Woolworths Win 1 of 10 ultimate sports holidays sale is available on the first section of the catalogue. Oreo biscuits, Coke, Scwheppes are alternative options for the party.


Cereals and nutritious products are top products when it we discuss about breakfast products at Woolworths and Coles. Deli products are also available in further pages.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 500g Red Hot specials 2 for $9 pg; 10
Sultana Bran 730g, Special K 535g 2 for $9
Red Hot Specials Nestle Milo $7.40
Monster Energy Drink $10
Maggi Noodles $1 pg; 11
San Remo pasta $2
Maggi stir fry 2 for $5
MasterFoods MM range 40g 3 for $5

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