Woolworths Catalogue Red Spot Prices 18 – 24 Nov 2015

Red Spot is on ! Time to save your money.

Woolworths RED SPOT !Woolworths Catalogue RedSpot Prices 18 - 24 Nov 2015

RED SPOT discounts are available at Woolworths shelves. This discount is little bit different with big changes. New Year approached, hundred products preparing for you by Woolworths. Time to saves up and costs down. In this catalogue featuring amazing discounts and 1/2 prices as always. Costumers who came before Woolworths knows, when red spot is on, products are fast running out ! So, hurry up and shop via good offer at Woolworths. Red Spot products more discounted for you. Now everyone can buy whole Red Spots. Some products E.g. Cadbury medium bars price better than 1/2 price discount with Red Spot. There is many healthy products on sale. Breakfast is most important meal in a day, so for breakfasts there is good offers ; Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain, weet-bix, source of protein Nestle clusters, orange & mango juice by Mildura, Soft raisin toast bread, Kids favorite  Tiny Tedy corns and other things selling 1/2 prices in Woolworths. Also you can find bread varieties for great breakfasts on pg 24.

In freezer may be you can find some interesting things. McCain’s BBQ and Ham products are rising nowadays. I think McClain will keep rising cause of quality of products. For snack time you can prefer also traditional pies. It keep you full until dinner. For dinner, can prepare a great dinner table for your family with Australian Grown Steak !  With $6 save, you can buy beef t-bone steak. If you want more discounted meat, you can try Lamb Cutlets with $12.09 save. Now shelf price is $25.90 kg.

If you coming home late or really tired. This offer is for you : BAG n BAKE products. Easy to prepare, full of flavor. Select any fish, choose your FREE marinade, bake or microwave and enjoy your food. You can ask ”how” to Woolworths department staff. There is one thing you do not need to ask them; Mushroom, Spinach & Parsley Fettuccine. Imagine a plate full of healthy things and flavor. Even by name, i can understand how its tasty meal. You don’t need to ask anything, because Woolworths already add Ingredients and special method in same page with product. You can buy this meals ingredients with discounted prices.

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