Woolworths Catalogue Sale 10 – 16 Jun 2020

Buy participating products to get a chance to win a big prize from Woolworths Big Night in competition. Woolworths Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020This week, some new participating products are being introduced on the Woolworths Catalogue sale 10 – 16 Jun 2020. Take a look at the new prices of general grocery items on the catalogue. In addition, the half-price sale is a great chance to save some amount on your essential needs. Also, they have non-food products on sale. Among the new deals, there are some personal care products and laundry care items, too. The catalogue offers Kleenex toilet tissue, Kellogg’s LCMs, Finish Quantum tablets at half prices this week. The deals are gonna be valid on Wednesday.

Recently, Woolworths tries to get customers involved more in online shopping. It’s way more convenient than going to a store but there is a cost. However, there are some good deals, too. “30 days free delivery with Delivery Unlimited” is one of the deals you can use. Moreover, you can save $10 off your next Pick up shop with the code “JUNE10”. Read about the details in the catalogue.

New recipes are also available in the catalogue. Woolworths snack sale is a part of the Big Night in competition. Visit pg 13-14 for some important deals. With the coming of winter, Big Night in activities are more popular now.

Fresh Food, Meat, and Seafood, Deli-Bakery

Fresh healthy foods are going to be on sale at Woolies.Woolworths Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020 Shop fruits, mushroom, orange, and more products from Aussie farms on pg 21-22. The catalogue has quite a few deals in the meat section, too. Lamb is one of the important meat types from the meat dept. Browse fish, oysters, and prawns from the seafood department. Fresh tastes of the grocery stores are mostly in this part of the catalogue. Check out some of them and see the prices:

Frozen Food and Food to Fill Your Fridge

Ice cream deals of your favourite brands and some more Big Night in competition participating products are in this part of the catalogue. You can find the half-price deals regarding more than 20 products. They have yoghurt and cereals for Back to School sale, too. Healthy foods of breakfast category including oat-rich products are some quality alternatives all families.

Woolworths Catalogue’s Basics, Pantry, and Coffee Deals

New product range covers surely some of the basics, too. Coffee and some breakfast biscuits by McVitie’s are some of the products from the pantry category of Woolworths Catalogue. Buy Greenseas tuna and more canned goods at half prices. Exclusive items make this catalogue worth seeing.Woolworths Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020

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