Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 – 24 Mar 2020 | Stock Level Update

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Stock Level UpdateWoolworths announces important news about its stocks. Due to the impact of the recent events related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the illness people deal with, there is increasing demand. Woolworths states that they are working on specific products. They have an update page on woolworths.com.au. You can check out important news about the stocks and extra services offered by the store. Changes to opening hours, additional stocks of products of this increasing demand, and even dedicated hours for disabled or elderly people. There is no need for panic, they will restock everything you need. Many of you must be familiar with the recent news about the toilet paper crisis. Some stores like Woolworths have set a limit on this product. On 11th March, 1 pack of toilet paper is the limit per customer. In some stores, delivery services are paused. Learn about these places and changing hours on that page. But you can shop thousands of other products and save with the deals from Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 – 24 Mar! Don’t worry too much. Just take some simple precautions by medical experts, not by famous people.

While there are such limits on some products and there is another news about Easter in Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 – 24 Mar 2020. This catalogue can cheer you up with the new confectionery sales. Save on adorable chocolate bunnies, eggs, and use 40% off confectionery deal on pg 3. Maltesers, Toblerone, Lindt, and more products are available there.

Products of Woolworths Catalogue Sale and Half-Price Deals

Easter accessories are also on sale at Woolies this week. Buy hats, kits for Easter eggs, and more outstanding products for the celebration. Cute Easter rabbit ears, shred, or glitter eva foam pk 10 will cost only $2. Woolworths Catalogue has these items on the first part:

Easter accessories and more products:

Next to these, you will be able to find drinks and snacks. A lot of half-price deals there.

Woolworths Catalogue Pantry and Gluten-Free Products

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Stock Level UpdateTop brands of coffee for your mornings and some breakfast products are in the pantry section. If you want to stock up some coffee, it might be the right time. They have deals on Moccona, illy Nespresso coffee capsules, orange juice, up & go nutritional drink and more products. Surely, you can find a lot of new half prices. And there is a single page only for Gluten Free products. If you are allergic to Gluten, Woolworths is your friend.

Woolworths Frozen Food, Ready Meals, Ice Cream, and Yoghurt

Buy some food for your fridge or freezer. Some products in the freezer can be eaten for years or months. They might not be the best form of what you are buying, however, it will be completely healthy to eat. For example, meat can go indefinitely under -17C° temperature. If you don’t have a freezer, consider buying one. Just in case there is a zombie apocalypse in the near future.

Seafood for Lent

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 - 24 Mar 2020 | Stock Level UpdateBuy fresh meat, fish, prawns or canned goods of the sea from Woolworths for Lent. If you are fasting, John West products can be really nice. John West products are also very suitable for nowadays if you are stocking up because they can stay fresh for a long time. Also, there are recipes on woolworths.com.au/dinnermadeeasy. Bakery, fresh fruits, meat, and deli products are the final part of the food part of the Woolworths Catalogue.

Buy Hot Cross buns from the bakery of Woolies.

Don’t forget to check out non-food part of the catalogue. Mobile products, data packs, smartphones, Bonds underwear, and Disney Trolls fan products with limited stocks are in the Woolworths Catalogue Sale 18 – 24 Mar 2020. Subscribe to the newsletter to get news from these supermarket catalogues.

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