Woolworths Catalogue Sale 22 – 28 Apr, 2020

Aussie made fresh fruits and half-price deals will be a big part of what you’ll see in Woolworths Catalogue this week. Buy your needs with the latest catalogue easily. Half-price deals on Maltesers, Golden Circle Juice, Smith’s Chips, and Pantene Shampoo are cover-page items. Learn about COVID-19 update and social distancing measures on pg 2-3. Woolies has new deals on the ingredients of a nice dinner on pg 5. Shop Back to school-at-home products. Make some lunch food for kids at home. You can shop online. One of the easiest and delicious lunch meals for kids is a salad roll. Stack tomatoes, lunch meat, cheese slice, and lettuce between two rolls. Serve with some muesli smoothie which is an energy and fiber boost. Snacks and drinks with half prices are viewable on pg 10-11. Cover-page deals of Woolworths Catalogue Sale 22 – 28 Apr:

Woolworths Pantry Sale 22 – 28 Apr 2020

Big packs of fiber and protein in the breakfast section of the pantry sale of Woolworths. Up & go breakfast drink, peanut butter, jam, and more deals appear in the pantry range of Woolies. Browse the details of coffee and practical breakfast food on pg 14. Everybody’s favourite biscuits and tea for a quick morning energy boost on pg 15. Find Bushells Blue Label tea bags priced at $3.50. Woolies is a good source of frozen food, too. Buy ice cream, a quick pizza, super fries, and more items.

Ice cream and frozen foods:

Fresh Produce, Meat, Seafood

Find Greek yogurt and fruit-flavored yogurt variety on pg 19. Woolworths fresh specials like white potatoes and seedless watermelon are great products, too. All of them are Australian grown items. Locally grown foods are always better than imported things. The closer you are to the production of fresh food, the more quality you get.

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 22 – 28 Apr 2020 contains clothing sale and media products, too. Buy gifts for Mother’s Day. Household supplies like cooking foil trays, lighter, and more items are in pg 27. Shop personal care, half-price body and baby care products, Swisse vitamins, laundry care, dishwashing liquids, pet supplies, and more in the non-food section.

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