Woolworths Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar 2020

There is a relatively shorter Woolworths Catalogue that was published today. Apparently, you cannot find a printed catalogue this week. I know so many old people don’t want to browse the catalogues on the internet. They like to get emails in their mailboxes. But this is only temporary. A notice on pg 2 of the Woolworths Catalogue is there. Read about the recent news and the impact of Covid-19 trouble for the Woolworths stores. Tomatoes, seedless grapes, kanzi apples, and top-quality Australian farm products. Aussies should be proud of being self-sufficient farmland. One of the best countries in the world and tough farmers of this land will always be here to produce for everyone in good and bad times. Make things easier for the people who are working in essential jobs like production and health care. All items of the Woolworths Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar are viewable right now.

Easter Sunday is coming. Woolworths Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar has some new products and prices. Exclusive products are also available. Cadbury selections solid egg bag is an exclusive item. Pay only $15 for that treat. You may find adorable Easter bunnies, chocolate products, eggs, and many more. Check out these items on Woolworths Catalogue:

If you want to spend some really quality time during your self-isolation time, have some drinks. They have quite a few deals on the coolest refreshment on pg 8-9. Also, check out that BCF Voucher deal on pg 8.