Woolworths Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020

Discover new half prices, specials, meal deals, dropped prices, bay care items, woolies worth, and Lenten specials on the first part of the new Woolworths Catalogue. Woolworths offers a new half price. Huggies bulky nappy pants pk 24-29 is one of them and it will cost only $8.50. This is a cool supermarket to find some practical quick foods like whole fresh plain chicken and frozen mixed vegetables. Easily make dinner meal out of the products from pg 2-3. Most new parents are complaining about the prices of baby care products. If you want to save more on essential products like baby care items, check out this Woolworths Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar and discover the half-price deals on Huggies Bulk nappy pants, baby wipes, Johnson’s baby cotton touch wash & shampoo or face & body lotion, and more products are available on pg 4.

Seafood for Lent:

Woolworths Fresh Fruits and Bakery Products

Find the delicious and juicy vitamin sources in the fresh fruit range of Woolworths Catalogue. Mix them in your blender to make a cool cold drink to go. Nectarines, seedless grapes, tomatoes, plums, and more fresh food are possibly interesting items for everyone. Easter is coming and pastry products will be more important than any time of the year. Hot cross buns, hence, are one of the promoted items this week. Buy them at $3.50. Kind of early introductions to the tradional Easter pastry products will be on of the major things this week.

Woolworths Catalogue Pantry Sale

All you need from the possible ingredients for your dinner meals are available in this aisle. Try to save at maximum level with these new deals. Olive oil, pasta sauce, tomato sauce, beans, rice, canned fruits, baking chocolate, condensed milk, marinades for various meat, and products like almond or rice milk are available in the pantry aisle.

Woolworths Catalogue Offers Frozen Food and Yoghurt

Find your favourite kind of frozen products including ice cream from brands like Bulla or Sara Lee. Many of them will cost half this week. Have some of these piled in your freezer

Have some probiotics to protect your digestive system. Greek yoghurt is the healthiest yoghurt that can offer such benefits for your gut. View pg 28-29 for flavoured yoghurt or YoPro that is high-protein nutrition which is good for everyone.

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