Woolworths Catalogue Sale 29 Apr – 5 May 2020

Woolworths Catalogue comes up with new half prices and fresh fruits. Check out the latest grocery range of the catalogue, see the details of online shopping, and check the news on printed catalogue. Folks were complaining about not getting the print catalogue in their post box. This week it’s returning back. Read about it on pg 4. Woolworths offers snacks and drinks with new prices. For all of these products browse Woolworths Catalogue Sale 29 Apr – 5 May.

Woolworths Mother’s Day Gifts

It has a special part of the catalogue which is completely about Mother’s Day gifts. Chocolate box, truffles, chocolate blocks, and other treats are in the range of products on pg 6&7. Buy Lindt Lindor Pouch for $5 only. Greeting cards, earphones, and similar Woolworths Mother’s Day gifts are available on pg 7.

Woolworths explains how online shopping works on pg 3. If you are new to the system, you can use that step by step guide. It’s really easy. Mother’s Day gifts:

Woolworths Fresh Products

Buy apples, bananas, fresh veggies, and more products at low costs. We can browse fresh specials with these products bursting with vitamins and energy. Grapes, mushrooms, and more items will be on sale.

Woolworths Pantry Sale

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 29 Apr – 5 May can offer you a snack sale, too. Buy chips, chocolate, and biscuits in that category. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Mexican foods for fun! Tortilla with corn, taco sauce, coconut oil, and more items are going to be in this category. Cereals and Nutella are on sale. The catalogue promotes the new prices on pg 13. Crunchy nut or Frooty Loops of Kellogg’s will cost $6.50. Buy coffee and tea as Mother’s Day gifts. Check out a special deal on pg 14.

More products of Woolworths from the grocery sale are in this catalogue. Don’t forget to see these important savings.

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  1. Could u please email the weekly Woolworths catalogue to me. It stopped coming to my email address. Thanks.

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