Woolworths Catalogue Sale 4 – 10 Mar 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 4 - 10 Mar 2020Explore the new half prices by Woolworths Catalogue this week. Save on dozens of products to fill up your fridge. For example, you can save half on Connoisseur, Coke, Smith’s, John West on the first page. Being a new parent comes with surprising costs. Most new parents may have some trouble with the costs of baby care products. Buy Huggies nappy pants, Nan baby formula, Apple baby food pouch, and more products in the Woolworths Catalogue Sale 4 – 10 Mar 2020 for better prices this week. More of the baby care category are everyday savings on pg 4-5. You can find organic baby food for 30% off prices. Check out these items on the first part of the catalogue:

Woolworths Seafood for Lent

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 4 - 10 Mar 2020If you are fasting on Fridays or the whole period for religious purposes in March and April this year, you can find a great range of Seafood for Lent on pg 10-11. Buy mackerel, sardines, salmon, rice, and more products on pg 10-11.

Woolworths Pantry Products

Buy extra pasta sauce, olive oil, and more products will cost cheaper at Woolies. Everybody needs a refreshment for an energy boost in the mornings. If you want to do it fast, freeze-dried coffee might be your choice. Moccona is one of the most promoted brands of coffee in the Woolworths Catalogues. Shop breakfast food, too. Cereals, bars, Nutella, and more items are on sale for this week.

Woolworths Catalogue has also new prices for Gluten-free products on pg 18-19:

Woolworths Frozen Food – Fridge Sale

Fill up your fridge with some delicious food at lower costs this week at Woolworths. The latest catalogue offers some yoghurt, frozen easy meals, frozen pizza, lasagne, and more items this week. You have also a considerable amount of deals on dairy products such as Gippsland dairy twist yogurt.Woolworths Catalogue Sale 4 - 10 Mar 2020

Buns, Sweet Corn, Seafood, Meat and More

With the Easter coming, hot cross buns and other bakery products made their debut of the year. Find new hot deals on hot bakery products on pg 24-25. There is a really good range of delicious and smoking hot traditional bakery products on pg 24-25.

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