Woolworths Catalogue Savings 11 Sep 2015

I recommend you all to seek savings in any catalogue because the most important part of online shopping is saving. Woolworths Catalogue Savings 11 Sep 2015Otherwise it would be meaningless beacuse of the same prices were present in the supermarket. Woolworths and Coles are 2 very popular and must-know supermarkets for snacks, packaged simple meals and similar sort of things.


Check out new seafood range of Woolworths Catalogue on pg 5. Extra Large Cooked Aussie prawns and king prawns are on sale this week. Moreover packaged food products can be seen on this section. Savings of seafood section of the Woolworths worths around $25.


Mozzarella, cheddar, fetta and many more cheese varieties are available in this section. Check out latest deli prices of Woolworths Catalogue on pg 6&7. Some of the products can be seen as:

Australian Fetta $11.99 kg
Mozzarella Italiano cheese 450g $6
Bega Cheese Block $8
South Cape Fruit cheese $3
BBQ cube cheese $6
Kraft Singles slices $2
Pantallica Ricotta cheese $5


Grocery section of Woolworths is full of savings. You can save up to $2 with mushroom and olive oil purchases on pg 8&9. Classic grocery products for extraordinarily low prices.

MACRO Organic Food

Organic kiwi, oats, orange, premium beef mince, almond milk and similar sort of food are featured on the PG 10&11. Check out all details of the Woolworths Catalogue for these products and savings. Don’t forget that you may complete extra needs if you know enough about the savings like catalogues.

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