Woolworths Catalogue Snack Deals 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Woolies has good deals of “low price always” sale on pg 2-3. Find Rafferty’s garden kids yoghurt pouch, Smith’s chips or Red Rock deli multipack chips. Woolworths Rice cracker minis and bread loaf varieties are all on sale. Pay lesser for everything you can find at Woolworths stores. Dairyworks grated cheese, bread roll varieties, Arnott’s variety snack packs, Uncle Toby’s muesli bars which are clever choices for breakfast and lunch ideas, are on pg 4-5. New products were introduced, too. Woolworths sells new Kettle uppercuts for only $2.50. Half-price deals on McVitie’s Hobnobs snack bar, and more McVitie’s products. Find Nestle KitKat, Trolli, Arnott’s Multipacks, Cadbury Dairy milk, Pringles chips and much more in the pantry section.

Browse more snacks and pantry products like Cadbury Dairy milk or marvellous creations blocks and Arnott’s multipacks. “Prices Dropped” for Mars Giant sharepacks, Thinly Cut will be “Prices Dropped” deals. Don’t miss out the deals on pretty things.

Woolworths Catalogues are a subtle way to find genuine low prices for most weekly shopping foods and essentials of life. You should see rest of the catalogue for non-food part and other categories, too. There is always something at a cheaper price at Woolworths Catalogues.