Woolworths Catalogue Snack Sale 5 – 11 Jun 2019

Prepare for a big night in with your family. Pay only Woolworths Catalogue prices for your favourite brands of snacks and beverage. All it takes is to browse the latest Woolworths Catalogue. On the cover page of the catalogue, you can see 4 different snack-range products like coke, chocolate, chips, and drinks. All of them are half-price deals. Start shopping on Wednesday to save with these deals. Moreover, you are able to win one of the two prizes at Woolworths this week. Learn the details about the play pack and party pack. Buy 3 participating products from the snack sale on pg 4-5 in the catalogue. In this category, find “prices dropped” deals. Kirks, Arnott’s, Maltesers, Natural Chip Co. are the items to shop there. Buy the new flavour of Cadbury dairy milk for half price.
Woolworths Catalogue has soft drinks like Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi, Kombucha, Cascade, and more on pg 6. Buy Coca-Cola Classic 4x 300mL pack is gonna cost $5.60 which is a $2.10 saving. Save more with rewards and chances to win those prizes. Subscribe to the newsletter with your email to get these posts in your inbox. You can also follow our Facebook page.

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Big Night In

Cover page deals:

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