Woolworths Catalogue Snack Specials 11 – 17 Dec 2019

Woolworths Catalogue Snack SpecialsSnack sales in the major supermarket catalogues are I think important for savvy shoppers since most of them contain Christmas treats like chocolate boxes of top brands including Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Cadbury Favourites, Maltesers, and more brands. Pay half to get these brands of chocolates this week at Woolies. Moreover, you can see more half-price deals. In fact, Woolworths Catalogue has similar deals every with varying size of the product range but Woolworths Catalogue snack specials are something like a must-see for savers in December.

Therefore, I recommend you to browse a range of snacks and drinks for the celebration of Christmas. Also, check out beverage sale which includes coke and Gatorade this week. Most people like Gatorade and other sports drinks but they can be really expensive for daily purchases. Although it’s still not recommended to excessively consume such stuff, I like them, too. Find such products and soft drinks on pg 17 of this catalogue.

You may need chocolates. A lot of chocolates. For baking, as treats or for simply side snacks of your Christmas tables. So, I recommend you to browse pg 18 for chocolate deals, too.

Shop more snacks at Woolies this week:

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