Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 1 – 7 May 2019 | Half-Price Sale

Snack sale covers favourite beverage products like Red Bull. That’s one of my favourites, too. Save $3.75 on a 4x250mL Red Bull pack at Woolworths Catalogue or online shop this week. Just Juice, Powerade, and more soft beverages are on sale. Go to pg 4-5 to see discounts on candies, chips, and chocolate bars. Cadbury large blocks of the 350g pack are gonna cost only $4.50. Half-price deals are also a type of discount in this category. Woolworths snack sale is TimTam, Cadbury Roses, cookies, and more on pg 6&7. You have also “low-price-always” deal on 2 items. Mini multipacks and Smith’s Chips or Red Rock Deli chips are participating items of the “low-price-always” sale.
Snacking is not limited to the chips and chocolates. You have a wonderful range of breakfast foods including Weet-Bix. Find coffee and more breakfast foods there. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails about the current and future deals of the Woolworths Catalogue.

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