Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 15 Jan 2020 | New deals

Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 15 Jan 2020Browse the Woolworths Catalogue snacks 15 Jan 2020 deals to prepare for this week’s shopping. Kitkat, Mars, Smith’s, and more classic brands of treats we love will cost cheaper on Wednesday. The half-price deals can be seen on pg 16. Pringles 53g will cost $.95 which is a half price. If you like most kinds of snacks you can stock up some while there are deals from these catalogues. Chips can last very long if you don’t open them. You don’t need to eat them. Just stock, wait for another deal on another one of your favourite snacks and buy them at a good price you like.

Get your refreshment ready for whenever you are thirsty. Top brands of soda packs, chips, beverage, and more are viewable on the latest catalogue. Buy Schweppes, Coke, Ocean Spray, Kirks for a good price at Woolies.

Beverage deals:

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