Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 22 – 28 Feb 2017

Special deals on food products by Woolworths Catalogue will be assisting you to save more this week.Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 22 - 28 Feb 2017 You can search for deals on snacks, candies, beverage, pantry, fresh products, deli, bakery, meat, seafood and many more categories in this catalogue. “prices dropped” and “low price always” specials by Woolies are creating a safe place for your budget. Half prices are particularly important for you to save more this week. On cover page, Woolworths got 4 great half prices. See the list below what’s on sale. Woolworths Catalogue snacks 22 – 28 Feb 2017 preview might be browsed on pg 1-9. That contains more than candies and snacks. Some packaged food deals are also featured.

Woolworths Food Deals Feb 22 – 28

Half prices:

Lynx body spray or antipersipirant 96-100g $3 ea
Kettle chips 185g $2.19 ea
Lurpak spreadable or block 250g $3 ea
Gold’n Canola oil 4L $9 ea

On pg 2-3 there are deals of “prices dropped”. These are meat and bakery products. Spend quality time with the family. Perfect for outdoor activities, special prices are available on this range. Ciabatta loaf 350g is only $3 ea which will save you a $1 this week.

Masterfoods Marinades 375g $2.50 ea
Gravox Finishing sauces or gravy liquid 165g $2 ea
Market Value thin sausages 1.8 kg pk 24 $8

More offers are available on pg 3. See pg 4-5 for more “prices dropped” on candies and frozen meals. These are practical, quick solutions when you are in lack of time. Shortage of time during working days are the worst thing to happen. Spare time for yourself, instead of cooking.

Woolworths frozen meals including chicken satay&rice, butter chicken&rice, green curry&rice and more are only $3 ea !

Bega block cheese 1kg $11 ea
Cheese&Crackers 120g pk 4 $4
Devondale shredded cheese 600g $7

Half Price Deals by Woolworths

This catalogue provided a list of half priced items. That includes beverage on pg 6&7.Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 22 - 28 Feb 2017 6

Gatorade sport drink 1L $2 pg 6
Pepsi or Schweppes cans 10x375mL $5.39
Cottee’s cordial varieties $2.49

Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite – any 1 $6, any 2 $31, any 3 $45 pg 7
Arnott’s Shapes Light and Crispy 120g $1.50

Candies and Chocolate

This deal is valid for candies and chocolates on pg 8. This week at Woolworths online or in-store you may find favourite brands of confectionery at half prices.

Mars Celebrations 540g $9
Mars medium bars 35-55g $1
M&M’s medium bitesize 140-180g $2.12

A lot of savings can be viewed on pg 8. Don’t skip browsing half prices on pg 9. That page also shows new “low price always” including Nescafe, Up&Go products.

Uncle Toby’s Muesli bars 120-185g $2
Almond Breeze almond milk 1L $1.64
Kellogg’s Crunchy nut cornflakes 380g $2.32

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