Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 3 – 9 Jul 2019

These snacks are your chance to win one of the two Big Night In event prize packs by Woolworths. The participating items are available on pg 3-7. Woolworths Catalogue 3 – 9 Jul is full of half-price deals for all categories including snacks. Even on the first page, you have 4 items that will cost half. Buy The Natural Confectionery Co., Golden Crumpets rounds, Finish Quantum, and Coca-Cola pack are half-price savings. Pay lower for the snacks and candies like Doritos salsa sauce, Natural Chip Co. chips, Maltesers, and more candies on pg 2.
Learn about the Big Night In event on woolworths.com.au. Woolies made a similar deal previously. Purchase 3 of participating items to enter. You should enter the unique code in-store but if you use Woolworths rewards card, you will get two entries and you don’t need the code. Play Pack and Party Pack are two prizes that you can earn with these purchases. Among the participating categories, there are chips, snacks, confectionery, and soft drinks.

Check out these items and look for a chance to earn the packs:

½ price deals from the snack category:

New products are also available in the catalogue. For example, Coca-Cola energy 4x250mL pack is a new item that is available with an introductory price. Pay $8.50 to get this new flavour. Coke tries to find a new flavour in recent years. I am not sure they did big with any of them.

Big Night In products are not limited to these. Find frozen foods, ice cream, more cookies, chocolate boxes, and popular brands of snack category of Woolworths on pg 6&7. You can shop these items tapping on the items. That will redirect you to the official catalogue of Woolworths, where it’s shoppable.

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