Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 3 – 9 Oct 2018 | Half Prices

Prices dropped for products like Cold Power laundry, Whiskas, Heinz steam fresh veg, Coca-Cola soft drink of 2L, Radox shower gel and more on pg 4-5. You have Kellogg’s rice bubbles and Moccona freeze dried specialty coffee on sale with that sale. Check out the snacks starting on pg 6-7. Woolworths Catalogue Snacks sale covers chips, biscuits, candies, chocolate bars of the top brands. You have half prices on many products. Get Red Rock Deli chips for only $3 for its 150g pack. 1.25L bottle of V8 juice is only $3! A new product of McVitie’s which is cracker crisps will cost $2 at Woolies. Find more chips, soda packs and sweet things on pg 8-9. Save $1 on Cruskits. You can save totally $1.50 on Harvest Snaps, Kinder surprise and 8 value pack of fruit drink. “Prices Dropped” deals on Wrigley’s extra gum and Arnott’s Preimer choc chip cookies.

Half-price deals and other good deals from this catalogue of Woolworths:

Moreover, the catalogue is a nice source to find amazing prices of breakfast products, pantry, frozen food, summer specials in fresh produce, meat, seafood, deli and bakery, dairy categories. I recommend you to follow our Facebook page for more deals like these.

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