Woolworths Catalogue Specials 16 Sep – 22 Sep 2015

Welcome again with Woolworths Catalogue Specials 16 Sep 2015 containing high quality food, fresh meat, wide range of products including snacks, beverage, best deli products and seafood.Woolworths Catalogue Specials 16 Sep - 22 Sep 2015 Woolworths Catalogue offers one of the lowest price range for these products. Original taste, healthy choices, discounts, deals, online offers and numerous more advantages are featured on this new Woolworths Catalogue specials.


This week you can have Australian original mandarines for only $2.50 and scotch fillet steak for $22.99 per kg. Excellent choices of product are seen on these pages. Check out the list below to have a brief look on the catalogue:

FRESH MEAT AND GROCERY including steak, packaged salad, some imported products of macadamia mix etc. PG 2
SCOTCH FILLET STEAK priced at $22.99 kg. Check out more products on pg 3 from meat selection of Woolworths.
JAMIE OLIVER’S original recipe of grilled lamb chops with chunky salsa sauce PG 4
PACKAGED CHICKEN AND MEAT roast, sausage, butterflied lamb etc PG 5
SEAFOOD variety featuring packaged, fresh and salad. Salmon portions, olive, prawns etc. PG 6&7
DELI products from Woolworths are exactly match for your palate. Check out these beauties including cheese block, natural cheese slices, Kraft singles and many more PG 8&9
BAKERY products of packaged muffin, donuts, golden crumpet rounds PK 6 and extremely tasty cream filled sponge cake, sourdough rolls and more PG 11
MACRO organic products including carrots, broccoli, kiwi, organic trail, fruit puree, corn chips and more PG 12-13
SNACKS AND BEVERAGE range featuring Coca Cola, Kettle Chips, Powerade and more brands that are everyone’s favourite PG 14-15

1 thought on “Woolworths Catalogue Specials 16 Sep – 22 Sep 2015”

  1. Recently an offer by Woolworths for$100 free after
    $50 each week for 4 weeks and then a $100 spend
    I am very angry I did not get this offer as I get
    Other offers from Woolworths.
    Thanks AGNES DOXEY

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