Woolworths Catalogue Specials 8 – 14 Jan 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Specials 8 - 14 Jan 2020Woolworths and other major supermarkets focus on summer products and Australia Day this week. Woolworths Catalogue specials are mainly the fresh specials which are prepared from the seasonal range. Find the details of fresh specials on pg 6&7. Browse pg 2-3 for the refreshing summer specials of various ice cream. Australia has some troubles with that bushfire but life is also going on. We must keep being hopeful for our environment and try to be better next time. Focus on the bright side of the picture, for example, it rained today. According to the Sydney forecast, there will be more rain until Saturday. I am sure that’ll help, too. Meanwhile, try to keep your economy in its best form. If you are going to shop some ice cream and similar products, check out Reese’s or Hershey’s tubs, sticks, cones priced at half this week.

Woolies has some summer entertaining foods, too. Beef rump steak, chicken variety, soda packs are available for a lower price on pg 4-5. As mentioned, fresh specials like tomatoes, broccoli, raspberries will be relieving deals for many families. Woolworths Catalogue offers 20% off butterflied beef, lamb or chicken on pg 8.

½ prices:

Ice cream and more:

Woolworths Seafood, Dinner Ideas, and Fridge Food

I think the best thing at home is to open a fridge and find it full. When you have a full fridge and clean dishes, it’s a more encouraging sight to cook for dinner. Instead of eating out, which is very costly nowadays, try to cook your homemade dinner with ideas from supermarkets. And, I think supermarket advises are underrated because they actually know the needs of families since they are the ones providing the ingredients in the first place.

Fridge food and juice:

Woolworths Frozen Foods

Go for a practical solution and save time for yourself instead of cooking. In fact, these are pretty useful things even though you want to cook. Cool stuff is available for lower prices at Woolworths supermarket this week. Ho Mai cocktail spring rolls or entertainer pack 1kg will cost half this week. They have also a snack-drink sale where you can find more half prices. Woolworths back to school sale can be useful for the new semester.

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