Woolworths Catalogue Summer Deals 15 – 21 Jan 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Summer Deals 15 - 21 Jan 2020A lot of options to enjoy the summer’s last months are available on Woolworths Catalogue. A new picnic class food products are important categories of this week’s catalogue. Buy chicken kebabs 375g by Woolworths COOK made with the RSPCA approved chicken for only $6 on Wednesday. More variety of these kebabs are also on the same page. This post contains affiliate links which means you can click on the products to go to the page where they are purchasable. Find beef, steak, tomato sauce, and more grill party foods on the same pages. Woolies has a fine selection of ice cream, too. On pg 2-3, they prepared a nice product range consisting of products like Bulla Creamy classic sandwiches, drumsticks, fruit bars, and organic products.

Fresh Specials and Woolworths Catalogue Summer Deals

The specials including Aussie fruits and vegetables are yours to see on pg 6&7. These aisles of the supermarket looks promising with a new group of seasonal products. Buy Aussielueberries for only $2.50. The deals on meat, chicken, seafood products are next to them. Cod fillets, Steggles family roast whole chicken, and more products. Beak & Sons gourmet sausage will cost $6.50 this week.

Woolworths Freezer and Fridge Foods

Woolworths Catalogue Summer Deals 15 - 21 Jan 2020One of the things that make people read Woolworths Catalogue is the simple meal recipe page. Every week they highlight one of the recipes but there are dozens of more of these recipes on this page. If you like to stock up some frozen foods such as pizza, meals, party foods, chips, and more, I recommend you to browse pg 13 of this catalogue for they have new half-price deals. Get some probiotics, too. Yogurt is something that makes even vegans think twice. It’s a protein source, very good for your digestive system.

Woolworths Catalogue half-price deals from these categories:

Check out Back to School Deals from Woolworths Pantry and Grocery Sale

One of the reasons to browse this catalogue can be the lowered prices and new products of the back to school sales. They are like annual sales in these major supermarket catalogues and you can find lunch foods, food storage products, drink bottles, and similar items. Moreover, Woolies offers great deals on grocery products including breakfast food such as cereals.Woolworths Catalogue Summer Deals 15 - 21 Jan 2020

Celebrate Lunar New Year with some delicious Asian foods which can cost a lot cheaper than you would imagine. This week, you have those options on pg 22 of the new Woolworths Catalogue.