Woolworths Catalogue Summer Sale 2 – 8 Jan 2019

Half-price deals are an important part of all Woolworths Catalogue. This week is no different and it also provides a guide for summer foods in the first part. Check out summer snacks and deli foods on pg 1-10. Spend time with family and friends, restock what you already have or buy some new foods for gatherings. You should see the discounts on pg 2-3 where “Prices Dropped” deals, deli food, and great sauce offers are available. Don’t call your friends before you prepare your stock for the BBQ party. You will need the best sauce for your perfect meat. A good sauce is like a guarantee of a good result in a BBQ party. Unless you have a truly nice sauce, it’s very hard to grill good meat. Pepsi Max, Red Bull Energy drink, Kirks and more are on pg 4. Magnum sticks, Frosty fruits, Connoisseur ice cream, Sara Lee ice cream of 1L tub are the promoted items on pg 6. “Low Price Always” and more deals are also the discounts by the Woolies in this range. Don’t miss out a chance to save on like-class items.

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