Woolworths Catalogue Summer Specials 13 – 20 Jan 2016

SPECIAL TIPS BY WOOLWORTHS ! Woolworths Catalogue Summer Specials 13 - 20 Jan 2016

If you are looking for something different with watermelon, Woolworths star chief Jamie gives you 3 tips for having some healthy solutions with your watermelon. You can find the best way out for your watermelon and you will realize that you can use that amazing fruit to simply everywhere. Its taste will make your food much better. You can add ginger to your watermelon to make your fruit snacks much more tasty and healthy, it is really simple and you can have new favourite snack, it is really tasty and easy to make. After learning this, be sure about you will eat your watermelon with ginger! Super delicious watermelon with ginger is one of the most favourite idea of our star, Jamie. You can also add your watermelon to your greek salad, or you can make Granita with mint. These ideas are amazing, you would feel amazing with those great ideas for Watermelon!

 For making these perfect food from watermelon, you can have it in Woolworths with only $1 in its stores. Those are really healthy and fresh, so it will make your new favourites even better and tastier. Make your snacks very special with Woolworths’ unique offers for you! We all are thankful to Jamie for this amazing clues for this amazing fruit!

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