Woolworths Catalogue Valentine’s Day 12 – 18 Feb 2020

Shop with Woolworths Catalogue to buy your grocery products at affordable prices and save half on many items. Even half of the products on the first page are half-price deals this week. Red Rock deli chips, Up & Go, Coke, and more products are available there. Discover new Woolworths Catalogue Valentine’s Day 12 – 18 Feb sale for its rose bouquets, gifts, Ferrero Rocher chocolate box, and more. You can make a classy dinner dish with enough amount of seafood and sweets from the pg 4-5. Try French cuisine with some onions, beef stock, and classic soup ingredients. French onion soup, German eintopf dinner meal, and Italian Tramisu might be really good ideas. And most ingredients for these foods can be found on Woolworths supermarket or similar major supermarkets. Catalogues can help you to save on the ingredients. Also, you can make that seafood platter a side dish on your Valentine’s Day table for only $25.

Buy bread rolls, hot roast chicken, Caesar salad kit, Heinz Beanz, and more products for good prices on Woolworths Catalogue. Half-price deals on classic products of the pantry may also be interesting for you.

Ingredients for your dinner ideas:

Half-price deals :

Woolworths Catalogue Pantry and Frozen Food

Stock up whatever you need for the whole week on Wednesday for the prices shown by this Woolworths Catalogue. Shop some bars and healthy foods for breakfast. You can get your $15 off discount with the code PICKUPFEB. Muesli, Granola, coffee bags, and more items are available on the same page. Woolworths sells a lot of items at half prices. They are one of the best discounts that there is. Buy healthy packaged easy meals to heat in your microwave. SunRice plain microwave rice cups or pouches will cost only $2. See easy meal recipes on pg 15. You can buy ice cream and frozen meals like Magnum luxe, Fitness outcomes meals, McCain red box plated meals, and more on pg 16&17.

Fridge Food:

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