Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Sale 22 Jul 2016

Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Sale 22 Jul 2016 is just an additional saving to the latest catalogue in my opinion. In fresh grocery and fruits you can find many more than these. Aussie Cavendish Bananas is $1.50 kg, and Aussie navel oranges can be purchased for $2 kg. Until 26th Jul you can shop for these 2 items. Late week specials have been popular in this month. Although they a limited one this week these 2 are very refreshing ideas. In the latest Woolworths Catalogue you are able to find 543 half prices.

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That’s one of the most important deal of Woolworths Catalogues. They win with the half prices, Because half prices are always interesting and whenever they have a spotlight for the half prices they always emphasize the deals. Another important deal of Woolworths is Buy more deals. Totally 989 items incuding pantry, snacks, dairy, juice variety and many more have been featured within that sale as well.

Online only seafood, dog, ice cream products are example deals from the latest catalogue as well. In overall you are easily finding 5686 products on sale with the Woolworths Catalogue. Weekend sale is currently effective. Don’t miss out anything from this beautiful sale. If you enjoy browsing catalogues like Woolworths you can also like Coles Catalogues. Go check them out as well.

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