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Woolworths Chips 2 - 7 Jan Deals 2020Buy your favourite snacks at Woolworths this week. Woolworths chips are an important part of the catalogues of three major supermarkets. Today, all three of them are viewable. Along with the Woolworths Chips 2 – 7 Jan deals, you can see some healthy snacks, a beverage like Lipton ice tea, Oreo products, confectionery, and more products. See all of them in the new catalogue. Woolworths also offers deals on Sultana Bran, Carman’s, Coco Pops, Peanut butter, and more products. One of the highlighted chips from this catalogue is Smith’s party size chips. It’s going to be $3.50 which is a half-price deal. Chips are better with some proper sauces if you ask me. So, I usually tend to buy potato chips without flavour except for salt. Some salty chips with salsa sauce can make your night.

On the other side, you can shop for the “Prices-Dropped” range of confectionery, beverage, and more chips. Check out Woolworths Chips and more deals:

Woolworths Catalogue is a source of many other grocery items, too. You can find coffee, canned goods from the pantry, macro organic food, and similar sort of items to restock your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, you can find some products from the Lunar New Year range. Basmati rice is there and you can buy it at half price.

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