Woolworths Christmas Bakery Catalogue 9 – 15 Dec 2015

CHRISTMAS BAKERY BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Christmas Bakery Catalogue 9 - 15 Dec 2015

Christmas is just a week far away! Family or friends will want If you want to make sure which bakeries you want to eat, come and check in Woolworths! There are always fresh bakery productions waiting for you! From puddings to biscuits, all great tasty bakeries are available in Woolworths, these bakeries are like a home made, nobody will notice it! You can buy and serve for your family, nobody will say it is not from you. So it will give you a great time to cook another stuff. You do not need to taste English muffin in the United Kingdom, it is available in Woolworths, you can just buy and taste the real English muffin in here! If you love bread, you can check large sliced bread, which is on sale in Woolworths, special for you. It is so fresh and tasty and you can buy it for this Christmas to your after – Christmas dinner times! Woolworths offers you a irresistably tasty almond short bread, special for this Christmas. This would be a great gift, also you can taste this perfect short bread in your Christmas Dinner! It’s package shows its elegance and you should not miss these perfect possibilities and opportunities for this Christmas! Only in Woolworths you can make your Christmas dinner as fresh , as momma’s doing! Do not miss those chances and come over until 15th of December!

Perfect bakery waits for you in Woolworths!

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