Woolworths Christmas Drink Catalogue 16 – 22 Dec 2015

WOOLWORTHS’ WINE IS PERFECT Woolworths Christmas Drink Catalogue 16 - 22 Dec 2015

Christmas is really soon! It is time to make perfect parties with friends or family to get rid of whole years stress with them. But the thing is, there must be a driver who has to give up about drinking. This is really responsible action that we are also appreciate them to their responsibility. For them Christmas parties are just with Coke, or Juice. But in Woolworths , there  are something special for them, so they can enjoy this Christmas parties without drinking alcoholic beverages! It would be a perfect stuff for our poor drivers who is not even enjoying from the party. That is an amazing offer which makes the party ambience even better for them! So, Edenvale Alcohol Removed Wine is available in Woolworths special for you and special for our poor drivers! It is an amazing offer!

Drinking alcohol is about a responsibility, we are always suggesting you to drink in a big responsibility. In this kind of parties, prefer taxis, or choose one driver who will not drink alcohol to drive home after party. It would make that drivers really boring parties with coke or juice. But from now on, Edenvale Alcohol Removed Wine is available in Woolworths, which is non-alcoholic wine that your driver mates can drink and feel that wine without taking any alcohol. It can make their parties much better with that!

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