Woolworths Christmas Food Sale Dec 4 – 10, 2019 | Catalogue Deals

Woolworths Christmas Food Sale Dec 4 - 10, 2019 | Catalogue Deals

You can see the best deals of Woolworths in this catalogue. Aussie cherries, as one of the seasonal fresh food, is being promoted and highlighted on the first page of the catalogue. Buy Juicy Aussie cherries at Woolies for $13. Christmas hams are also an important part of the whole Christmas sale. Buy them on pg 2 where you can find prices like $8-$13 per kg. Hams are one of the traditional and classic items you can find in this Woolworths catalogue. Woolworths Christmas Food Sale is cheaper than most sales.

The whole catalogue is a kind of advice for what to serve or have or the final days of the year. There is also a gift sale which might be interesting for everyone. Find bags of candies of M&M’s, Cadbury, Walkers, and more brands on pg 6. Premium quality chocolate boxes of everyone’s favorite brands are going to be sold at $10 at Woolies.

Shop Christmas decorations and lights for cheaper prices this week. Essentials and decorative accessories will help you recreate the image of your entire house for Christmas. Don’t miss out on the deals on pg 8.

Woolworths turkey deals are only available at Woolworths. Ingham’s frozen turkey and whole turkeys can be seen on pg 9. Browse Woolworths specials on all categories through this catalogue.

Woolworths Fresh Food, Bakery, Seafood, Deli, And More

Shop your favourite piece of meat for a better price using the new catalogue. You can also find the finest of the fresh products including grapes, apples, nectarines, tomatoes, and more. Shop bakery which is one of the essential categories before Christmas. Feel sweet and make everyone feel like eating sweets. Donuts, pavlova base and more deals appear on pg 12-13 of the catalogue. Don’t miss out on anything from the new range. Make your table rich with diverse options consisting of prawns, seasonal meat, various sausages, and more.

Refill your fridge with some cheese, yoghurt and other nutritional and tasty packaged foods. Woolworths has new half-price deals on pg 19. Chobani Flip yoghurt is one of the half-price deals.

Snacks, drinks, pantry products are an important part of the grocery sale of this Woolworths Catalogue. Buy your breakfast food at lower costs. Coffee, granola, muesli, whipped cream, and more are going to be on sale.

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