Woolworths Christmas Snack Sale 6 – 12 Nov 2019

Woolworths Christmas Snack Sale 6 - 12 Nov 2019Classics of the snacks of the major supermarket catalogues are viewable in the latest catalogue. However, you can also see a new Christmas treat range on pg 17 of this Woolworths Catalogue. Lindt, Maltesers, Ferrero Rocher, and more brands are featured items. Shop festive foods, too. For example, you can buy Ingham’s Frozen easy carve turkey buffle for $10. Woolworths Christmas snack sale is available on pg 16&17. The most important thing to know about this sale is that you have a lot of half prices.
Woolworths Catalogue has the chips. Top chips with the lowest possible prices from the snack aisles of the supermarket. Doritos party size chips will cost $3.50 this week. Coke, Schweppes, and more brands of refreshment are on sale, too. Some of the soda packs are only half price. Gatorade sports drink varieties will be a $1.40 saving.

Woolworths Christmas snack sale has half prices:

Chips and more snacks at half prices:

Way more than this is in the Woolworths Catalogue 6 – 12 Nov. Keep in touch to track the deals in the future. You can authorise your browser to get notifications from this site or enter your email to subscribe to the free newsletter.

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