Woolworths Christmas Treats Catalogue 2 – 8 Dec 2015

WOOLWORTHS SPECIAL TREATS FOR MERRY CHRISTMAS Woolworths Christmas Treats Catalogue 2 - 8 Dec 2015

Christmas is coming! There are lots of trait you can buy for you, your relatives or your friends for this Christmas.  When we think about Christmas, all we remind is a lot of treats, chocolates and biscuits. Cadbury is available in Woolworths! Freddo Mini Faces is the cutest and the tastiest Christmas treat ever! All family can enjoy with those mini faces in those long, happy evenings together. This is in the half price in Woolworths, check it out!

For chocolate fun, I can suggest to try Cadbury Scorched Chocolate! It is so tasty that will be your favorite after your first purchase. It is available in Woolsworth! You can purchase for yourselves, or you can buy as a gift. If you would like to buy the best Christmas gift, there are solutions for you in Woolworths! Cadbury  Christmas Tree gift is available in Woolworths. Its taste will amaze you. It is the best gift for Christmas for beloved ones. Also it is in half price. How about some Christmas Snacks cocktail? It can be perfect for your long and happy Christmas nights with your family or loved ones! Ho ho ho! Cadbury Christmas Share Bags are available on Woolworths! It would be tasty Christmas treat for your children, and they will enjoy with Santa!

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