Woolworths Discovery Garden Catalogue Promotion Sep 2019

There is a new thing every month at Woolworths nowadays especially while approaching to the end of the year. Woolworths Discovery Garden is a new thing to see in this catalogue. A set of 24 veggies that are growing in-store. Kids will love these vegies. Collect these new herbs or flowers to grow them at home. Find gardening tools like watering cans, plastic pots, growing mix, etc. Woolworths Discovery Garden is especially useful to make kids love gardening and nature. The brand also gives away kits to schools. It’s a clever and thoughtful move education-wise and in terms of national development. Contribute to this event with your purchases and collection of items like vegies from the discovery garden. Browse them on pg 6-10 of this Woolworths Catalogue or go to woolworths.com to see collectibles. They made a special page for these gardening items and plants. Watch “how-to” videos on discoverygarden page for gardening tasks like a seedling. Additionally, you can win a holiday from 10 different choices. To win that holiday, you should buy 3 participating items.

You can find these items in the Woolworths Discovery Garden catalogue range:

Participating items:

Woolworths Pantry Sale, Frozen Food, and Fridge

Fill your pantry or fridge with premium quality food products saving again with Woolworths Catalogue deals. While many products are half-price items, everything definitely sells for a discount price this week. Browse these categories to see Spam for $2.45. Basic ingredients like canned goods and veg oil are also in these categories. Heinz baked beans or spaghetti will cost $3 which is a dropped price. As you might already be familiar with, Woolworths has special simple meal recipes on its official recipe page. Asian style chicken stir-fry is one of them and ingredients are on sale right now. Buy 320mL bottle of Asian oyster sauce for $2.25 this week.

Half-price deals:

Look for macro wholefoods market organic food deals. September will be organic awareness month and you may participate in the celebration and save on organic foods like pasta and corn chips on pg 14 of this catalogue. Woolies sells more half-price items in freezer range. Stock up low-priced items from the frozen food category which contains Sara Lee ice cream and more variety of products.

½ prices from frozen sale:

Get your probiotics from delicious Greek yoghurt, feed your body with protein-rich dairy products. Stock up some cheese and orange juice while Woolworths offers these low prices for certain products. Find the catalogue items but don’t forget to see the online shopping page for these products, too. Like Woolworths discovery garden items there is a special online page for these categories.

Fresh Produce, Meat, Deli Meat and Bakery Products

Fresh Aussie products are something Australia should be proud of and she is. Aussie fruits and vegetables are always in these grocery catalogues and everything is premium quality. Learn the prices of these products on pg 20-21. Among the popular Aussie meals, seafood has an important role. Prawns and barramundi are two of highlighted discount items in the seafood aisle on pg 22. Buy these products and fresh meat on pg 22-23. Also, see leg ham, schnitzel, tasty sticks, and more deli products on this part of the Woolies catalogue. Get a bonus seedling kit from Woolworths discovery garden when you spend $15 on fresh produce.

Prices of fresh products and more:

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