Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedlings 18 – 24 Sep 2019

You can shop new Woolworths Catalogue to prepare your cart for Wednesday. Visit woolworths.com.au on Wednesday to continue with the valid deals on items. Woolworths discovery garden collection of seedlings such as thyme, chives, kale, rocket, beetroot, tomato, cabbage, viola, and more are promoted on pg 2-3. All you need to do is to spend $30 to get one of these. Totally 24 seedlings are available in stores of Woolworths. Moreover, you can get a bonus seedling kit from the Woolworths discovery garden seedlings event. I want you to notice that this is also an important trade in terms of education of kids regarding Australian grown fresh products. Woolworths, Coles, IGA, and more supermarkets chose their vegetables mostly from Australian grown products. Most of their fresh meat items are also Aussie products.
Additionally, there is a chance for you to win an Aussie holiday. 3 participating purchases will give you a chance to enjoy Summer days with a holiday. Look for “Eligible Product” tag on the Woolworths Catalogue products this week.

Half-Price Items:

For instance, buy Nescafé blend 43 and Australia’s Own long life milk which are eligible items to increase your chance.

Woolworths Pantry, Freezer, and Fridge

Buy your favourite brands of breakfast food and ingredients for fantastic meals from the pantry category of Woolworths Catalogue online. Vegemite, Nutella, Peanut Butter, and more products are available on pg 7. You can also encounter some half-price items there. For example, Uncle Tobys breakfast bakes will cost $3. Being a supermarket which offers pretty standard products and regular supermarket items, Woolworths can also offer exclusive items or deals. Just like that of the Cadbury favourites on pg 8. Purchase your favourite foods only for half prices. Australia’s Own organic stock of 1L will cost $1.50.

These are half-price products from pantry:

Americans call these frozen meals TV Dinners. Just because they are quickly enjoyable and they are good enough to eat while watching your favourite TV shows. Fried potatoes, seafood products, Hoki fillets, and more frozen food ideas are possible items to purchase from the freezer range of Woolworths Catalogue. Check out ice cream variety on the same part of the catalogue.

Woolworths Fresh Produce and Meat

Feed your body with the true essentials of life-consuming fresh produce of Australian farms. Buy grapes, brushed potatoes, orange, and more like-class items from this aisle. Woolies sell 100% Australian grown products. Some cultures are so used to eating meat, they can’t accept a meal without meat. Being vegan or vegetarian is indeed cool in my eyes but I never allow anyone judge my taste in meat. There are many eligible products to win that Aussie holiday in the fresh meat category.

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