Woolworths Easter Specials Catalogue 10 – 16 Mar 2016

Woolworths Easter Specials Catalogue 10 - 16 Mar 2016


Only two weeks left to Easter Sunday! You can purchase some Easter treats from now on, because of stocks. In Woolworths, there are really tasty ideas for making your Easter times much tastier than another days. It is really special day for everyone, you can make this day much better with very sweet ideas with perfect prices. You can find Cadbury Dairy Milk, Egg Shaped Chocolate which is simply so tasty, with amazing costs. It just costs $15 for each 430g of pure love! It would be amazing gift to yourselves, or your loved ones, who love chocolate a lot. They can enjoy with amazing chocolate which is shaped as an egg! Cadbury Dairy Milk also offers you to have Easter Egg shaped Marshmallows, which costs only $3! It would be really soft and tasty idea for these special days. Make your kids happier with amazing treats which are really sweet!

There are too many offers for Easter in Woolworths to make your days much sweeter and better. You can find Kinder Surprise Bunny which is so tasty and cute. It is Bunny shaped and 75grams. You can afford it with $4 per each. It would be great deal for yourselves and your kids. Kinder’s chocolates are really tasty, you can make your children happier with this perfect treats!

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