Woolworths Food Festive Catalogue 10 – 16 Feb 2016

FOOD FESTIVE BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Food Festive Catalogue 10 - 16 Feb 2016

Tasty solutions for your rush hour are available in Woolworths! You can find Red Spot sales and get those products with amazing prices! There are a lot of items for you to enjoy with your days. If you are not hot coffee person, you can check ice coffee which is made by Farmers’ Union! It is really tasty and freshener for long office hours. You can survive your sleepiness and taste with this perfect iced coffee. In Woolworths Farmers’ Union Iced Coffee is on perfect sale. You can feel your icy coffee’s perfect taste and mood in yourselves. Make your rush hours really tasty and freshener with Woolworths’ special suggestions to you! Farmers’ Union is really good, its taste will be really unique and it is also healthy! You can enjoy with your new favorite iced coffee which is available in Woolworths with amazing price!

 Eat well with perfect instant – lunch products from Woolworths! You can make your lunch times really special with Primos’s Honey Leg Ham! It is really supplemental and tasty product! It can improve your work or school performance very well becuase of its proteins inside! You can find the greatest solutions with Woolworths’ perfect Red Spot sales!

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