Woolworths Fresh Specials 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2019

Australian grown products are the focus of the new Woolworths Catalogue. Fresh specials are the biggest deals of the week and most of them are Australian grown products. Find tomatoes, Broccolini, potatoes, and more Aussie products in the fresh specials range. Aussie products are not only fresh fruits in the catalogue. Deli department has also a significant amount of savings that you should see on pg 4-5. Fresh chicken drumsticks will cost only $2.90 this week.
Refill your fridge with quality food. If you are celebrating Halloween, you can find half-price candies. Seafood products are important products of all Australian supermarkets. It’s a and in an ocean after all.

Woolworths Simple Meals

Two major supermarkets have simple meal recipes for everybody. They are easy to make but more importantly, they take a lot less to cook. Read about fash teriyaki salmon soba salad and chicken pizza on pg 8-9. Woolworths Catalogue also promotes organic production. This method is increasingly getting popular everywhere around the world. Try to consume more local and organic products if you like to taste the real stuff. Woolworth has the ingredients for these recipes:

Fast Teriyaki salmon soba salad:

Shop Spring festive foods at Woolworths supermarkets. They have a great range of items consisting of cheese, meat, deli products. You may create a tasty table with the festive food ideas that are viewable on pg 12-13. Just see the images Woolies has for you and you’ll understand what is there to seek. My favourite part is the Woolworths platters including vegetarian, deli, Mediterranean, and more on pg 14.

Woolworths Bakery, Fridge, and Frozen Foods

A full fridge is something to increase your happiness in daily life. Everybody needs some money to completely fill a fridge but that money you need can be much lower at Woolworths stores according to this catalogue. Woolworths fresh specials are not the only things in this week’s spotlight.

½ prices from the bakery – fridge range:

Frozen food consists of classic meals including seafood and pizza. Ice cream is an important item of freezer sale generally speaking. Ingham’s, McCain, Birds Eye are frequently observable brands of the Woolworths frozen sales.

Woolies snack sale is available on pg 24-27. Shop pantry products and stock up this week. Weet-Bix, Uncle Tobys, Coffee, and more products are half-price deals or cheaper until 5 Nov. You have also half prices on canned goods. Woolworths has the favourites of the vegan day. Don’t forget to see household sale, mobile products, food storage, personal care, and more categories at the end of this catalogue.


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