Woolworths Game Day Faves Snack Range October 2019

Woolworths Catalogue has one of the best game-day snack sales this week. Compare the prices to the previous weeks. You can find the older catalogues on our page. Buy some rolls, tomato or BBQ sauce, and grill your favourite kind of meat. Some refreshment and BBQ food are also available on pg 6&7 where game snacks are available. If you have a plant to buy some snacks like these, you might as well buy them for a good price at Woolies. Also, new products are available in this aisle. Smith’s thinly cut chips are new flavour and you can buy it for $2. Some more new products have been introduced to a new price. Cadbury really nutty share packs will cost $5 introductory price. Visit pg 10 for the details. As previously mentioned, Woolworths catalogues are primary sources to hunt for a nice half-price deal.

Serve these premium Aussie snacks to your guests. You can also find ice cream variety including Magnum classic. Peters original 2L costs $4 on Wednesday. Subscribe to the free newsletter and get emails about the future weekly specials by these catalogues.

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