Woolworths Good Snacks Catalogue 13 – 19 Jan 2016

GOOD SNACKS BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Good Snacks Catalogue 13 - 19 Jan 2016

Snacks for the save for our life. If we are hungry we just attack the snacks and they make us feel like full. But if we eat so many snacks we can get weight. Whatever we just eat and be happy. Woolworths offer to our new guests and dear customers to make them satisfy all the time the half prices. So you will not over charge from us. We guarantee the best prices all the time. You will feel the difference with us. With the high quality of Woolworths. So for the who likes the cola so much, we have really good offer for you in this week. So do not miss it. And grab coca cola pack and you can make party and prepare for the birthday parties. Yes, coca cola soft drink varieties 24 x 375 ml is just $ 16 and you will save the rest of the price. Save the prices with us.


Did you choose what to watch for tonight? And your snacks are ready for it. We have the good offer, potato mix. If you like the chips it is the best quality with the Woolworths. Infuzions offer the our guests with best quality chips 110 gram potato mix, with the Thai sweet chili flavor.

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