Woolworths Grocery Deals 25 Sep – 1 Oct 2019

Explore the pantry and coffee products that are suitable for some stock-up process this week. That’s because Woolworths Catalogue has some serious deals on these items. Buy Robert Timms, Moccona, Vittoria Mountain coffee or if you like tea, check out English Breakfast tea called Twinings. I have been in Europe some time ago, these breakfast tea bags were all around. European tea is one of the most sophisticated tastes in the world. I am sure you like English tea. Browse a range of deals on products like Choc chip cookies, healthy food items, and more on pg 12-13. Woolworths’ pantry category products are Edgell corn kernels, Cobram extra virgin olive oil, and more similar products on pg 14-15. Try something new with healthy olive oil. Mediterranean cuisine might do only good for your dinners. Buy half-price items from the pantry range.

Woolworths Fridge, Frozen food, Ice Cream Sale

New-season with the new Aussie ice cream variety and fridge food are on sale, too. Dairy farmers thick and creamy yoghurt will cost $3.50 this week. Buy some side dishes for your meals. Hommus is one of the most popular side dishes and I think it’s perfect when it’s hot. Try it with some cooked bacon as a side dish. If you have a proper drink, this middle-eastern originated food will be a delightful thing in your nights. A lot of frozen food products like Mccain’s simple meals, Patties party pack, and more are available on pg 18-19.

Aussie Fresh Food, Seafood, Meat, and Simple Meal Recipes

Woolworths has a special page where you can learn new recipes. This week the catalogue highlights the recipe of Easy bulgogi beef wraps with 4 basic ingredients. Browse the fresh meat section that covers healthy and delicious new season lamb products. The lamb meat is an eligible product participating in the Aussie holiday deal. Remember buy 3 of them to get a chance. Also, check out Australian grown mandarins, tomatoes, white potatoes, and more on pg 20-21.

Shop bakery products at half prices. See the deli meat and Frankfurts. Use this Woolworths Catalogue for the new deli products such as new DIY salad kit. The recipe of ham, sweetcorn and pumpkin frittata is available on pg 26.

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