Woolworths Half-Price Catalogue Grocery Sale 7 – 13 Aug 2019

It’s now very convenient to track online deals. Use the Woolworths Catalogue to know about a carefully picked range of deals of all aisles. Pantry sale is one of them. You can save half on the pantry items and this catalogue can show you some of them on pg 8-9. Buy Up&Go for $3 to save $2.15 this week. Shop Woolworths Half-Price sale using the catalogue. Discover the new products, too. For example, Heinz Edchup is a special edition recently released. The reason this product is now a thing is that Ed Sheeran loves ketchup. People say that he loves ketchup so much that somehow Heinz and Ed collaborated to make something called Edchup. Isn’t that fabulous to hear? Now, you can have an Ed Sheeran ketchup in your kitchen. Whenever you hold the Edchup bottle, it’ll feel hilarious from now on. Woolies saves your $.70 when you buy that product. Also, I recommend you to see half-price pantry items on pg 11.

See some of Woolworths Half Price Products (7-13 Aug)

Frozen Food, Dairy, and Dinner Made Easy

The content of the Woolworths Catalogue is a nice guide for finding ice cream, frozen potato fries, fish, and similar sort of products. Restock with the deals from the Woolworths freezer sale on 12-13. It’s possible to find a vegetarian meal, too. Linda McCartney’s vegetarian meals for a discount price. Likewise, the dairy from the fridge category is a good place to find your favourite yoghurt. For example, you can buy Chobani Greek yogurt for $1.50 and save $.75!

Find more deals by Woolworths:

Easy meal recipes of Woolworths are available on this page. Fresh Aussie fruits and vegetables are in the content of this catalogue. Refresh your body with the natural method of taking vitamins. Broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, mandarins, and more.

Woolworths Seafood, Meat, Deli, and Bakery

Enjoy classy seafood of prawns, salmon fillets, and mix of popular ones for Woolworths prices. Sausage, forequarter chops, beef eye fillet steak are among the meat deals. Woolworths has always been a popular place for customers who are looking for a good price on their favourite fresh meat or fruit. I believe that you can be one of them. Moreover, you will save a significant amount of your money. Click on the images to shop them.

Check out some of these items:

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