Woolworths Half-Price Nivea Products And More 18 – 24 Dec 2019

The personal care category of all Woolworths Catalogues has always been interesting for the regular shoppers of the store. They usually have some good half-price deals on popular brands like Nivea and Dove. Woolworths half-price Nivea products are what you can see on pg 36 this week and the deals are valid until Christmas. Wipes, body lotions, moisturizing products, and more are in this category. If you are a savvy shopper you would not miss out a half-price sale especially from the major supermarkets where availability is the highest. Woolies has half-price deals on this category but it also offers some discounts beauty items such as makeup products. Also, you can find baby care items on the same page.

Shop household items on this catalogue and save half on them, too. Laundry chemicals like Dynamo, bathroom consumables like Quilton, and more items are available in this aisle for half prices. It’s an important deal and I wish you a merry Christmas week.

See more deals by this catalogue:

Household supplies at half prices:

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