Woolworths Halloween Products 23 – 29 Oct 2019

If you are interested in buying some Halloween products, I suggest you need to see both Coles and Woolworths Catalogues. Both have the largest Halloween sales this year in their content. Drinks and snack sale has been narrowed to the limits of Halloween range on this catalogue. Most of the products are half-price savings. To see a single page full of half-price snacks and drinks, please visit pg 15. Gatorade, Golden Circle, and Oreo cookies are on that page. As much as this is a Halloween sale, it’s also a festive range of half-price savings on the top brands of candies we love. Snickers, Maltesers, M&M’s, and more products are half prices. Woolworths Halloween products consist of candies, candy bags, chocolates, some accessories and costumes. Compared to some stores that are focused on Halloween celebration, this feels like nothing but there are still nice half prices and more:

Costumes and accessories:

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