Woolworths Halloween Sale 16 – 22 Oct 2019

Aussie holiday deal is going on right now. Buy 3 participating products to get your chance. There are also available products in the catalogue that are participating. A new voucher code is available. Use the code “OCT15” to save $15 when you spend $160 or more. The deal ends on 29th October. A lot of new half prices this week on the Woolworths Catalogue. Perhaps the newest thing is the Woolworths Halloween sale. You may want to see these candy deals on pg 9. Halloween products are worth seeing since they consist of popular candy brands including Maltesers, Mars, Cherry Ripe, Milky Way, and more. All of them are half-price deals. As you might already guess, Spooktober is famous for the pumpkin. Most catalogues have something of it right now.

Woolworths Halloween products:

The catalogue is also rich in a variety of snacks and beverage. Visit Halloween page and see more of it.

Woolworths Pantry Sale With Half Prices

You should see the half-price deals on some already popular products of the pantry category of this supermarket. Kellogg’s Special K, John West Tuna, Heinz Beanz, and more will cost half this week. It feels like early Christmas deals in some catalogues including ALDI and Woolworths. We can see that because a recipe of Christmas pudding is available in this catalogue. Coffee, Vegemite, and some eligible products for that Aussie holiday deal are browsable on pg 6&7. Asian cuisines have a serious impact for the main content of Australian supermarket catalogues. Also, Asian spices and pantry products are suitable food items for easy meals. You can understand that when you browse pg 10-11.

Shop coffee and more at half prices:

Buy some sauces at half prices:

Practical Solutions for Hunger with Freezer Food

Save time eating frozen food after a long day and save money using Woolworths Catalogues that offers quite a range of frozen foods. You can even find Mars frozen bars. Cool stuff is on sale right now. Not the ones that they must finish stocks of. Shop the fridge foods on pg 14-15. Bega grated cheese or cheese block will cost $6. And many more are waiting for you.

Fresh Produce, Prawns, Spring Lamb On Sale

Consider buying your meat and fruits at Woolworths supermarket this week for they have quite low prices for most items. Spring is the time to enjoy some really good meat since lambs are fed on fresh grass. Prawns are also on sale. Visit pg 18-19 for seafood and fresh meat range. Go further to discover new deals of bakery products. Large croissants pk 10 will cost $7. Some new items have been introduced in the catalogue. San Marino Artisan selection platter introductory price is $6.50.

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