Woolworths Healthy Drinks Catalogue 13 – 19 Jan 2016

HEALTHY THINGS FOR YOUR KID Woolworths Healthy Drinks Catalogue 13 - 19 Jan 2016

This week Woolworths offers to our customers very special offers. We always guarantee the low price. First of all we offer you the very specific products. For the kids, if you like watching TV and movie we are thinking of you. While watching TV here the supreme cheese Woolworths selects corn chips 175 gram chips is $ 1.99 each one. For the people who like snacks. 10 snack packs come with the shapes variety earn free personalized school labels. Arnott’s multi pack and varieties is just $ 3.50 each one. For the babies and mothers who should feed their kids with this. By the Woolworth’s quality, Devondale our creamy milk for the kids on the sale now. Don’t miss out.

For the kids who pick what to eat and what to drink. If they are picky so they will love and eat and drink these products for sure. Coco Bella kids apple berry 3 x 200 ml. with the banana aroma. Devondale moo milk 6 packs for the kids with the chocolate milk aroma also, if you buy and you will earn the free personalized school labels. For the Woolworth’s customers we are always thinking about your pocket. We don’t want you spend a lot, with us everything is low price.

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